A greener culture

NATURE CAREERS Creative minds are shrinking research’s big carbon footprint. In July 2015, Stephanie and Fraser Januchowski-Hartley left their home in Totnes, UK, and headed for the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Montpellier, France. Instead of catching a flight, they boarded a boat and then made their way across France by bicycle and train, … More A greener culture

Down to Earth With: Paleontologist Gerta Keller

EARTH The mass extinction that did in the dinosaurs is one of the best-known events in geology. It’s also one of the most contentious. Princeton University paleontologist Gerta Keller has long argued that volcanism was to blame, not the famous asteroid impact. EARTH sat down with Keller to talk about her upbringing in the Alps, … More Down to Earth With: Paleontologist Gerta Keller