The Creation of Crater Lake

TRAVEL OREGON America’s deepest lake tells many magnificent stories. Eight thousand years ago, if you stood on the shores of Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon, the horizon would have looked strikingly different than it does today. A snowcapped volcano would have towered over the forested hills, nearly a thousand feet taller than Mt. Hood. To … More The Creation of Crater Lake

Down to Earth With: Paleontologist Gerta Keller

EARTH The mass extinction that did in the dinosaurs is one of the best-known events in geology. It’s also one of the most contentious. Princeton University paleontologist Gerta Keller has long argued that volcanism was to blame, not the famous asteroid impact. EARTH sat down with Keller to talk about her upbringing in the Alps, … More Down to Earth With: Paleontologist Gerta Keller

Gas changes signal eruptions

By monitoring gases emitted from the mouths of volcanoes, scientists could provide days to weeks of warning before an eruption. The latest evidence comes from studies of volcanoes monitored as part of the Volcano Deep Earth Carbon Degassing initiative, where scientists used hardy, long-lived sensors to measure the ratio of carbon to sulfur gases emitted … More Gas changes signal eruptions

Crystal clocks

SCIENCE How smudged crystals offer windows into a volcano’s eruptive past. Crystals in volcanic rocks contain clocks that offer clues to the volcano’s plumbing and past behavior. The technique, called diffusion chronometry, is catching on among volcanologists. It depends on understanding how the crystals grew out of a magma soup deep underground, accreting layers that … More Crystal clocks