An Oasis of Open Water

HAKAI Inuit in Canada and Greenland want to protect an ecological wonder—a massive Arctic polynya—at the center of their world. The little auks are hard to spot among the rocky rubble that lines the shore of northwest Greenland. The black-and-white birds—diminutive relatives of the puffin—flicker and bob around the noisy colonies, looking for a mate … More An Oasis of Open Water

Reading the ridges: Are climate and the seafloor connected?

At the bottom of every ocean basin lies a chain of submarine mountains. Blanketed in black, pillowy basalt, they tower more than a thousand meters above the seafloor and snake for thousands of kilometers. But instead of having a central spine, like a terrestrial mountain range, these mid-ocean ridges have a central trough from hundreds … More Reading the ridges: Are climate and the seafloor connected?

Chasing the ocean’s ‘missing’ heat

Scientists say the recent pause in rising global temperatures is probably due to increased heat uptake by the world’s oceans, particularly the Pacific. However, researchers have struggled to figure out exactly where this heat has accumulated. According to a new study, the ‘missing’ heat may have escaped into the Indian Ocean through the islands of … More Chasing the ocean’s ‘missing’ heat