Lava-filled cracks may encourage quakes

In 2002, residents of the eastern Congo suffered a one-two punch–a volcanic eruption followed months later by a destructive earthquake. Now researchers say the events might have been related, exposing a new source of seismic hazards in rift zones like East Africa. Learn more in my podcast for Scientific American.   Advertisements

Scientists debate whether electromagntic signals precede earthquakes

Researchers have long searched for natural signals that might warn of impending earthquakes, but so far, they haven’t found anything reliable. However, a small group of researchers are studying electromagnetic signals that appear to precede major earthquakes in hopes that they may one day be used for earthquake prediction. Learn more about the approach–and criticism … More Scientists debate whether electromagntic signals precede earthquakes

Italian seismologists acquitted in L’Aquila

In 2012, seven Italian scientists and public officials were sentenced to six years in jail for failing to warn the city of L’Aquila about the possibility of a devastating earthquake, which arrived on April 6, 2009. But the L’Aquila Seven, as they’re known, appealed the decision in 2014 and were eventually acquitted. Read about the … More Italian seismologists acquitted in L’Aquila