An Oasis of Open Water

HAKAI Inuit in Canada and Greenland want to protect an ecological wonder—a massive Arctic polynya—at the center of their world. The little auks are hard to spot among the rocky rubble that lines the shore of northwest Greenland. The black-and-white birds—diminutive relatives of the puffin—flicker and bob around the noisy colonies, looking for a mate … More An Oasis of Open Water

Our noise bothers overlooked seafloor critters

Creatures that live on the seafloor play vital roles in marine ecosystems, but human-made noise can alter their behaviors. Stick your head underwater and you’ll quickly discover that the ocean has a soundtrack. Waves crash, whales sing, and occasionally, an underwater earthquake rumbles from the depths. Over the last century, however, human activities have added … More Our noise bothers overlooked seafloor critters