In Praise of Phases

THE LAST WORD ON NOTHING When I was sixteen, my voice teacher predicted I would become a Jack of all trades. It wasn’t a compliment: We were in the midst of a fight, squaring off across the shiny black battlefield of her baby grand piano. She wanted me to concentrate only on singing. But I … More In Praise of Phases

Built by Birds

New work by installation artist Stacy Levy may transform a quiet suburban park in Oregon. Read the full story in Orion.

A Lucky Lie

A long time ago, I had an encounter I will never forget with a taxi driver in Cairo. My short essay about the experience was published recently in an issue of Oregon Humanities called Quandary.

How skiing powder taught me everything I need to know about life

Learning to ski powder is harder than it looks. It involves tangled crashes, snow-caked goggles, and plenty of frustration. And mastering powder requires loads of patience and repetition. Sometimes, it may even require rethinking your approach to getting what you want. I got a crash course in powder skiing when I joined the Mammoth Mountain … More How skiing powder taught me everything I need to know about life

The indestructable Earth

For some time, I’ve been thinking that the conversation about climate change and environmental degradation needs to be placed in a broader geologic context. The Earth has experienced a lot of things in its 4.6 billion years of history, and it has always survived. Humans certainly have the power to alter the planet in geologically … More The indestructable Earth