Rebecca Boyle Excavates Earth’s Earliest History

THE OPEN NOTEBOOK Earth has a memory problem. Few rocks have survived from the first billion years of the planet’s history, when all kinds of important things happened, including—perhaps—the first stirrings of life. This amnesia has made it hard for researchers to piece together our origin story, and answer the really big questions like How … More Rebecca Boyle Excavates Earth’s Earliest History

Capture the Moment: Get More out of Your Stories through Photography

One of the perks of science writing is getting to visit places few others ever go, from the cold reaches of Antarctica to the bowels of a particle accelerator. Writers on assignment for a large newspaper or magazine might be lucky enough to make these reporting trips in the company of a professional photographer (in … More Capture the Moment: Get More out of Your Stories through Photography

Superb stories, deconstructed

Great narrative stories read so smoothly, you hardly ever notice their structure. But that doesn’t help writers trying to master the art of long-form writing. So we asked accomplished writers to draw out the structures of their favorite stories. Check out the wonderful results over at the Open Notebook.

Speak up, writers!

Many writers get the urge to branch out into podcasting and radio. However, it can be challenging for those accustomed to communicating with a pen to use their voice instead. So I consulted with broadcast experts to compile a set of tips for finding your voice and sounding natural on the air, which can be … More Speak up, writers!

Leaving the Lab: A guide for aspiring science writers

Part way through graduate school, some science students (like me) find themselves reevaluating a career in academia. Instead, they (like me) are drawn to telling stories about science rather than doing it, but feel daunted by making the transition into science writing. I fumbled through, wishing there was a guidebook. So, as a Burroughs Wellcome … More Leaving the Lab: A guide for aspiring science writers

Picture-perfect story art

As journalists, we worry most about the structure and substance of our stories. But, in fact, captivating art is also key to a story’s success. Read more about choosing appealing images and navigating the practical, legal and ethical challenges of finding and using  art in my story for The Open Notebook.