Gas changes signal eruptions

By monitoring gases emitted from the mouths of volcanoes, scientists could provide days to weeks of warning before an eruption. The latest evidence comes from studies of volcanoes monitored as part of the Volcano Deep Earth Carbon Degassing initiative, where scientists used hardy, long-lived sensors to measure the ratio of carbon to sulfur gases emitted … More Gas changes signal eruptions

Crystal clocks

SCIENCE How smudged crystals offer windows into a volcano’s eruptive past. Crystals in volcanic rocks contain clocks that offer clues to the volcano’s plumbing and past behavior. The technique, called diffusion chronometry, is catching on among volcanologists. It depends on understanding how the crystals grew out of a magma soup deep underground, accreting layers that … More Crystal clocks

Thinking the Unthinkable

Rare cataclysms are hard to study and plan for, but they may be too dangerous to ignore. Read the full story in Science magazine and listen to my interview on the Science podcast.

Scientists debate whether electromagntic signals precede earthquakes

Researchers have long searched for natural signals that might warn of impending earthquakes, but so far, they haven’t found anything reliable. However, a small group of researchers are studying electromagnetic signals that appear to precede major earthquakes in hopes that they may one day be used for earthquake prediction. Learn more about the approach–and criticism … More Scientists debate whether electromagntic signals precede earthquakes