After the ice goes

Researchers look into the future of the far North for clues to save species and maybe even bring back sea ice. As the Arctic slipped into the half-darkness of autumn last year, it seemed to enter the Twilight Zone. In the span of a few months, all manner of strange things happened. The cap of … More After the ice goes

Find your voice

Technology and practice can help shy and introverted researchers to succeed when reticence is risky. Generally speaking, scientists aren’t known as a gregarious bunch. Many identify as bookish, introverted, perhaps even a bit awkward. Yet those with more outgoing, extroverted traits might find it easier to thrive in today’s scientific culture. That’s because researchers in … More Find your voice

A forest of hypotheses

Falling in love with a single theory can cut off fruitful avenues of enquiry. Here’s how to keep your mind open. The clamour in a Panamanian rainforest is deafening to human ears: bugs shriek, birds sing and bats screech throughout the humid night. To avoid attracting predators, male katydids (Tettigoniidae) trill out short, infrequent mating … More A forest of hypotheses

Chasing the ocean’s ‘missing’ heat

Scientists say the recent pause in rising global temperatures is probably due to increased heat uptake by the world’s oceans, particularly the Pacific. However, researchers have struggled to figure out exactly where this heat has accumulated. According to a new study, the ‘missing’ heat may have escaped into the Indian Ocean through the islands of … More Chasing the ocean’s ‘missing’ heat