Introducing the other lizard king

Large lizards are rare on Earth today, for reasons that continue to perplex scientists. However, a new fossil discovery of a massive lizard named Barbaturex morrisoni (or “bearded king Morrison” after the legendary singer of the Doors) has turned previous theories on their head. Find out why at EARTH Magazine! Advertisements

Meteors, Comets and Draco, Oh My!

The fickle Draconid meteor shower took place last week on October 7-8. Some years, it produces intense storms while other years pass without a single visible fireball streaking across the sky. Learn why the shower varies and how 2012 stacked up against the history books in EARTH Magazine.

Storing Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources abound, but they suffer from the inherent problem of variability; nature often provides too much energy when we don’t need it and not enough when we do. Learn how innovative energy storage technologies are making renewable energy sources cheaper and more accessible in the October issue of EARTH Magazine!

Mount St. Helens, Virtually

Mount St. Helens erupted 33 years ago, wreaking havoc on communities and ecosystems throughout the Pacific Northwest. But for the last few decades, the reemergence of life across the volcanic landscape has captivated scientists. Now, scientists hope to share their wonder and knowledge in a new educational website associated with the Mount St. Helens Science … More Mount St. Helens, Virtually