Los Angeles Times

In 2019, I worked as a science reporter for the Los Angeles Times. A full list of stories I wrote for the paper can be found here. Below are a few of my favorites.

An artist set out to paint climate change. She ended up on a journey through grief.

Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

Turning carbon into concrete could win UCLA team a climate victory — and $7.5 million

Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times

Climate change fears propel scientists out of the lab and into the world

Photo courtesy of Steve Ghan

They’ve managed the forest forever. It’s why they’re key to the climate change fight.

Photo courtesy of Greenpeace

What’s behind the youth movement to tackle climate change? Fear — but also hope.

Robin Loznak / Our Children’s Trust

Should we resurrect the American chestnut tree with genetic engineering?

Julia Rosen

The real climate change controversy: Whether to engineer the planet in order to fix it

Photo courtesy of Julia Dunlop / Climeworks

Oil put L.A. on the map. It may have exaggerated the city’s quake risk too.

Photo courtesy of M. Cortelyou / U.S. Geological Survey

As shutdown drags on, scientists scramble to keep insects, plants and microbes alive

Nathan Erwin / USDA